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Travel Linkup: Memorable Foodie Experiences

September 1, 2016

september travel linkup


Just a few days ago, I was sat in the office kitchen at lunch time and my colleagues and I were discussing all the weird and wonderful things we’ve eaten during our travels. There was talk of terrapin feet, brain, intestines, lamb testicles…. the list was pretty impressive. No sooner were we discussing the weird, did we then swiftly move onto the wonderful. And food, good food, is most definitely one of my all time favourite things to talk about!

I have always loved food (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?!). I love looking at it. Smelling it. Eating it. Watching people cooking it… anything that involves something that is to be ingested interests me. But I have to say my taste palette has become a lot more varied since being married, as Mo has introduced me to all types of new cuisines, and given me the confidence to really experiment and not be afraid of unusual flavours or funny smelling dishes.

So rather then natter on endlessly about all the amazing foodie experiences I’ve had over the years I thought I’d share my top 5:


1. The first time I enjoyed sushi at Sushi Samba

I didn’t get the whole ‘sushi’ thing at first. I had tried it a few times and just not enjoyed it at all. But I’m a complete sucker for interiors and when I spotted Sushi Samba in a copy of Elle Decoration, I had to book Mo and I in the next time we were in London. I’m so glad I did too, the sushi served here was so different to ones I had tried before (mainly ones from supermarkets and takeaways).

Mo, a big fan of sushi, ordered for us and I absolutely loved every thing we had, I even braved ceviche which was totally new to me. I ended up falling head over heels in love with sushi, sashimi, the whole collection of raw fish and it is now something I crave on a regular basis. I think enjoying one really good sushi meal has even made me less fussy, as I often have to settle for the off the shelf products just to please my belly when we can’t get to a restaurant.



2. Conquering my first pot of Moules in the South of France

Again, I had never really thought of mussels as an enjoyable dish. I just assumed it was something people threw into a seafood pasta once in a while to make it look diferent. But of course, as Mo and I wandered the streets of Grasse in the South of France, Moules Frites dominated the specials board and I was determined to give it a go.

A bit daunting when you have a giant pot full of them placed in front of you, but with a few helpful tips from Mo, I was soon working my way through and loving the combination of lightly spiced tender mussels with the perfectly cooked crispy French fries.



3. Indulging in an 8 course meal in Bangkok

We knew it was going to be a magical evening when we decided to book the Apsara Twilight New Years Eve cruise along the Chaophraya in Bangkok. We didn’t realise how spoilt we would get when it came to the menu. We were treated to 8 courses with halal options, it was sensational!



4. Eating tapas everyday in Barcelona

I just couldn’t get enough of it. I loved it all. I couldn’t pick one dish that was better than the other when we were in Barcelona. I find myself constantly wishing we were back just to eat the food. Bacalao, cod fritters, empanadas, patatas bravas…. even enjoyed octopus for once. Surprisingly, a lot of people I speak to aren’t that impressed by the food over there, but I think the fact that you don’t have to settle on just the one dish, is the best idea ever. In less than two weeks Mo and I are headed back to Spain so I’m looking forward to new foodie finds!



5. Snacking on the best cheesy-pancake-bread at a street market in Brussels

Now, this wonderfully light-airy-cheese-filled-slightly-greasy-but-not flatbread that we came across in the Gare Du Midi market in Brussels, was the main topic of conversation when we were discussing food at work. We were trying to find ways to get in touch with people in Brussels who may know what this wonderful creation made by this angel of a woman was called. Here it is:



By some miracle my dear friend Ash actually managed to find out that it is a type of Moroccan pancake – m’smmen (or mesemen). Now all I need is for somebody to tell me where I can source it here in Manchester!


What are your most memorable foodie experiences??


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