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When you’re not prepared for being unprepared

September 17, 2016

On Thursday the 15th of September, Mo and I had planned to jet off on a relaxing break to the South of Spain to catch the last rays of Summer.

That was the plan and yes we did eventually make it here, but I really don’t think the word ‘relaxing’ could be factored into the equation. Not on that day at least…

From the minute I finished work on the Tuesday, I raced home to finish writing deadlines. Mo was working away in Yorkshire. We spent Wednesday having a blast at Friendsfest in Leeds, but when Mo and I returned home that evening, we realised we had less than 24 hours to finish work, sort out the house (and cat) and pack for our break.

It did not go as smoothly as we hoped. We literally didn’t stop all the way up until we reached Liverpool Airport. Even then, we were still begrudgingly repacking stuff at the airport (1kg over?!?!). In the mad panic of not having time, I had literally thrown into our suitcase all sorts of junk to prepare us for every situation.

We sat on the plane, relieved that we’d somehow managed to make it, and we looked at each other and realised – we had not even had time to plan what we were going to do when we were away. As a travel blogger and obsessive organiser, I have never EVER travelled like this before.

I was a bit stunned and genuinely felt lost when we woke up the next morning.

BUT as it turns out, yesterday was our first day in Madrid – completey unplanned, and we had an absolute blast!

We literally managed to see everything people had recommended to us (We did a last minute Twitter/Facebook reach out – thanks to all that responded) and we did it all at a leisurely pace. So leisurely, we didn’t get back to the hotel until 1:30am! (Dirty stop-outs).

We always learn a lesson on our travels, I think this time I’m finally learning that sometimes, you just need to chill out. And the best days are those when you literally just go with the flow.

So, day 2… unplanned and unrehearsed – here we come!!!


We’re in Madrid for just one more day before we take to the road and head down to Nerja, if anyone has any must see tips for the South and that particulaly area, please do share! 

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