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US election: Not what I was hoping for

November 13, 2016



I had every intention last week of finally bringing some order to the blog. I had a number of pre-planned blog posts all set up and ready to be published over the last 7 days. But just like every other time when something major was happening in the world, my heart and my mind just couldn’t agree.

After months and months of following one of the biggest and most intense US election campaigns I have ever seen in my lifetime, last week was decision day, and I’m sure those who know me know that I was not best pleased.

But hey, I’m British, so what is it to me? Well, it’s more about what Trump winning represented: it once again means that people are being divided, he himself had been openly racist and for such an influential country to accept an unqualified, unstable and let’s be honest, pretty unhinged member of society to make all their major decisions, well… every blog post I had written just didn’t seem right. I just couldn’t find the right thing to say about how I felt, it felt like Brexit all over again (and yes, before you ask that s*&% still burns).

Politics aside, it was the words, the looks, the portrayal of all things foreign being what’s wrong with the world. After many a conversation with people about the reasoning behind voters’ decisions, I understand that Trump was giving a voice to the people who believed they were forgotten. But the TV interviews, the supporters’ statements, the voices that I heard, well… unfortunately, all I took away from all of them was one common factor: In this era, when most of us in Western countries live quite comfortable lives, we’ve all become pretty selfish.

We want the man who will keep our country great. We want the man who will protect us and what we have. We want the man who will keep those people who need our food, our money, our jobs – to live, to survive – well we need them out so they don’t jeopardise what we’ve worked hard for. We want the government who will destroy whole countries just in case one or two individuals may decide to target ours.

And you know what, that’s perfectly acceptable. We all have responsibilities, we’ve all worked hard, we all have lives to live – why shouldn’t we want to protect ourselves. Human survival instinct, no? I think the problem is more what we are protecting, most of us have the luxury of a certain amount of disposable income, but even parting with that to help someone in need can be tough.

This whole issue has troubled me for some time now and I’ve felt quite lost trying to find my way. But of course, once again, travel has helped me to focus. This weekend, I joined my Fantastic Four crew (+ one) in Copenhagen for a quick city break and it was here I found the answer to my problem.

During our Saturday walk through the city, from landmark to landmark, we stumbled across what looked like a supercool large statue sat looking pensive gazing out over the waters edge.

Ever the tourist, we immediately all ran over to have our picture taken with this large metal being, with a queue of others forming quickly behind us. Everyone wanting the same picture, in the same pose. Quick snap and onto the next.

Personally, I always want to know what I’m looking at, and in this instance, I am so glad I checked. Because here, this tall mish-mash metal structure gave me the peace of mind I had been looking for.




The piece was entitled ‘The Global Vizionary’

And here is what it said:

(I should point out, in the original description, the letter ’s’ in the words was replaced with a ‘z’ but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, my brain could not deal with that substitution!!)

“The Global Vizionary – made from a mixture of scrap metal, symbolises the humanity. It shows how we all consist of different parts, but also how we are all made from the same universal elements. It is an intercultural landmark for our joint and individual ability and desire to influence the world in which we live. We can be worried, but not quitting – still ready to jump into new ventures.”

So there it was, a sign that none of us should ever give up for wanting whats best for all of humanity. Oh and yet another reason why we should all travel more!




The last line they wrote before sending people on to their website:

“Let us be global visionaries.”

And that right there, is exactly what, from now on, I will strive to do.

So, if you do find yourself in Copenhagen, please go and visit this wonderful structure. The creator, Kim Micheal, wants you to sit, climb, inspect his artwork – after all, he made it for the people. ALL the people. So queue for that picture, touch that metal… and let’s all try to embrace his vision.



How do you pick yourself up after feeling down? Have you ever gotten over something hurtful by travelling? 

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