Video highlights of Myanmar
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Video highlights of Myanmar

March 13, 2017

Video highlights of Myanmar


My mind is constantly all over the place! I have so many ideas, plans, they’re just constantly flowing through my brain.

I decided that from March, I would dedicate every Monday to posting something fun and fabulous about Manchester, but one week in and I am pushing that aside for now as I am dying to share my new video!!

I’ve never really made a video before, I take lots of them on my phone but this time I wanted to actually piece content together to bring to life an experience that meant a lot to me.

So I finally did it!

It’s not perfect, I’ve not quite got the hang of actually filming yet (I’m very unsteady!), but I hope it will give you a better feel and connection to my two weeks spent travelling in Myanmar:



What do you think??? Have you got any video creation tips??? Is there something I can do to make it better???

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