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What happens when your plan doesn’t go to plan

August 25, 2014

Well this weekend I had quite an unnerving experience. We had planned to entertain a group of friends at our place for the weekend and as we had known they were coming for some time we had made a non strict schedule of events, its always worked well for us in the past.

This time, it did not. Turns out you can’t have a relaxed schedule of events when the places you plan on visiting are time specific. Needless to say on Saturday morning we all leisurely woke and endorsed in a large breakfast feast. After that one by one people started migrating to get ready for the day ahead and after doing the final touch up clean to my kitchen, I realised we had hit 2pm. Our plan to drive to Jodrell bank, approximately 40minutes away, was a bad one as it closed at 4.

Ok, so it wasn’t going to happen. Although I had a back up plan I hadn’t thought that as it was Saturday, my back up plan ideas had already been booked up and a few frantic phone calls confirmed they too wouldn’t be possible. The awful truth of the situation dawned on me, I was unprepared. The thought of being unprepared with a house full of guests had me feeling mortified.

I pushed my thoughts aside and we all got together armed with laptops and searched for something new and exciting happening in Manchester that we could go to. For the first time I felt google was letting me down. There was hardly any suggestions of things to do. I was extremely disappointed at the lack of information online. We ended up going for bowling and sheesha and having a really good time but the next day when we were on our way to the original choice of Jodrell bank, I came across event signs for markets and entertainment that was but only ten minutes from where we lived.

Thats when I decided my next point of research will be to collate a selection of websites and feeds of everything happening in and around the Greater Manchester area so that I never have to encounter this dilemma again. Hopefully I’ll manage to get it together before our next set of guests arrive.





Best get busy!!


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