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Worsley Park Marriott Breakfast Review

February 17, 2017


I’ve mentioned many times, breakfast is my hubby Mos favourite meal of the day. Back when we first got together, weekends would entail a lavish spread to kick off the morning, I even created an omelette which became famous amongst family and friends (aka the heart-attack omelette).

But alas, my breakfast making skills have majorly slacked over the years. Weekends are now so busy, I wake up just as early as I do on a weekday in order to grab a large mug of tea and settle down on my desk to catch up on work. By the time poor Mo gets up I am completely engrossed in my own world and not hungry, so he ends up having breakie all by himself.

Not last weekend though. Last weekend I decided I would surprise him with a breakfast treat. Not only would he be able to enjoy a continental hotel breakfast (his favourite) but he would receive my undivided attention and company throughout the meal (not sure if he reckons that’s a good or bad thing).

So off we went, a mere ten minutes down the road, to the Worsley Park Marriott Hotel and Country Club. Considering it’s the closest spa hotel to us, I couldn’t quite believe that this was our first time visiting, especially since we’ve driven by many times in the past.


image taken from Worsley Park Marriott


The grounds are beautiful, the golf course is quite well known, perfectly manicured. We walked into the hotel to an oasis of calm, and subtle floral smells. I instantly turned to Mo and said ‘we need to spa here’ – but that wasn’t what we there for that day, so back to the matter at hand…

The polite reception staff directed us to the The Grill, where we were taken to our seats in what was already quite a busy restaurant floor. Lots of varied lighting levels, comfy seating and booths and lovely views out the window.

Tea and coffee ordered we set off to explore the buffet and it wasn’t long before I found the infamous waffle maker, and even though the portion looked like it was enough for two, I ordered one just for me. As the waffle was being made, I had four minutes to whizz around and decide what I would have to accompany it.

What followed was a ginormous plate of EVERYTHING. I saw that waffle and raised it by a topping of beans. A dash of barbecue sauce (gives the beans a kick), a couple of hash browns, poached eggs and two freshly prepared vegetarian sausages.



After feeling completely satisfied I had piled on as much as I could, I took my seat to gaze at my creation. I named it the ultimate waffle tower. And it was glorious. On arriving, I had every intention of creating a beautiful-instagrammable-display of deliciousness, but of course that’s really not me. I am all about the food, and this ultimate waffle tower in front of me, was like a Chick vs food challenge that I had set up all for myself.

Mo came back with his respectably laid out plate, omelette, toast, pastries… all the sensible stuff. He took one look at mine, raised one curious eyebrow and with a bemused smile pointed out the obvious… ‘aren’t you meant to put syrup on that?’

Quick roll of my eyes and I tucked in. Wow this was good. The waffle on its own – the batter was slightly sweet, not too sweet, just ever so slightly sweet. delicious! Poached eggs, I wasn’t quite sure if they looked like they had been poached properly (they looked hard boiled from the outside) but one swift pop and oh no that yolk was oozing out just the way it should be. Vegetarian sausage, was really tasty on its own accord and definitely on par with our all time favourite from Giraffe, so that right there puts this breakie in a very good position.

Despite the ginormous portion I had created, I did in fact finish the whole thing. Every last bite and boy did I enjoy it. Mo also enjoyed his, the omelette was definitely a stand out favourite for him, but even after polishing off his own plate – he did end up going back up to order a waffle. Which he also thoroughly enjoyed – with syrup.

It was nice to bump into another fellow blogger too, the lovely Claire from Good egg Foodie (blog full of food fun!). She mentioned her and her other half used to come to the Marriott regularly for Sunday lunch, something they would like to start up again and something that Mo and I might look to try too – although we’d probably prefer to come back for the continental in all honesty, it was such a great start to our Saturday.

Mo and I could easily have sat around for hours, but unfortunately we had a busy day ahead. We did make time to quickly pop in at the spa – for a quick nosey, brief chat and to pick up a  price leaflet, the staff were extremely friendly and helpful, and of course the actual spa section smelt even more amazing than the lobby! (I wanted to book in right then).

All in all I definitely racked up some brownie points with the husband which was of course the aim of the day after abandoning him for two weeks whilst I enjoyed exploring Myanmar. He got to enjoy a full continental breakfast and my undivided attention all in one morning sitting.

Great location, great food and some pretty fab company. Perhaps we should make this a regular thing?

( It sure beats me having to do it 😉 )



Thinking of visiting? Here’s what I can tell you:
Breakfast starts at 6:30am – 11am on weekdays, 7am – 11am on weekends
Residents can add for £10 upon check in and for those not staying overnight, Breakfast is £16 for the buffet and £12 for continental.

Click here to check out the Worsley Park Marriott’s website.


Do you enjoy going out for breakfast? Do you do it regularly? If you’ve visited the spa here at Worsley Park Marriott I’d love to know what you thought for future reference! 🙂


***Thank you to the Worsley Park Marriott for inviting us for breakfast, look forward to returning the next time we’re home for the weekend***

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